I’ve been around marijuana all my life. The thing is, I was always against it. I didn’t use it growing up, and, quite frankly, I cast an unfavorable opinion on those who did.

Then you’re diagnosed with six diseases and one disorder and your focus changes to finding relief and ways to feel “normal” again.

Today, I have 16 doctors I see on a regular basis. They help me manage my various health issues including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dystonia, a chronic, painful, neurological disorder characterized by extreme muscle spasms throughout my entire body.

As you can imagine, I have been prescribed dozens of drugs, 25 to be exact, and almost all with unpleasant side effects to control my diseases and body. I needed to figure out how to manage all my diseases with as few pills and medications as possible.

I tried medical marijuana and it worked better than I could have hoped for.

Cannabis gives me a mental clarity like nothing else, and it’s helped me cut my prescription drugs in half.

I don’t take cholesterol or depression medications anymore. Today, I take 12 medications and various forms of medical cannabis and feel better than I have in years.