I am literally “One in a Million”. In the Spring of 2013, while living on the west coast, I was diagnosed with a rare kind of cancerous tumor. Desmoid tumors are so rare in fact, that only one in one-million people are known to be clinically diagnosed. How do you wrap your head around that?

To make matters worse, the position of the tumor in my abdomen makes it inoperable so I immediately started chemotherapy treatments and began taking various prescription drugs as is customary to help manage both the pain of the cancer and the side effects caused by the various opiates and other medication I was taking. At one point of my treatment, I was taking 20 different prescriptions and that’s when the search for alternative relief began for me.

I remember the very first night I took cannabis; I was able to really sleep for the first time in three to four months.

I had done the pain pills and patches. I’ve tried anything that might make me feel better but all prescription drugs did was create more problematic side effects and put me in a fog. With medical cannabis, I don’t have the side effects I once did and live a clearer life.

Today, I’m down to just two prescription drugs, one of which is the Chemo pill I need to fight off the cancer’s growth. Medical cannabis has replaced nearly all the synthetic drugs I used to take to manage my pain and various other side effects caused by prescription medication.

I’m more me today then I have ever been thanks to Medical cannabis.